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Spitnoise vs. Cryogenic @ Dominator 2021 - We Will Prevail


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Spitnoise en Cryogenic are stirring things up again in this Dominator We Will Prevail set. They've turned Dominator into a bass kick paradise!

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1. ID (Spitnoise - Dominator Mash-Up 2.0?)
2. Malice x Luminite - Death Destruction (Cryogenic Bootleg)
3. Satirized & Manifest Destiny - Getting High
4. ID (ID (This bitch is try to punk me))
5. Spitnoise - Just Like That (2021 Refix)
6. Cryogenic - Wappie On Thunderdome Bootleg
7. ID (Spitnoise - Blaze Up (2021 Edit?))
8. Major Conspiracy - The Game
9. Miss Enemy & Soulblast - Rollin
10. Orian - Deeper
11. Spitnoise & MC Da Mouth Of Madness - Freaks
12. Cryogenic - Rocking Hard 2.0
13. ID (ID)
14. Cryogenic - Dirty Grandpa
15. Lunakorpz & Abaddon - Headshot!
16. Shock-N-Destroy - Ready Or Not

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Added some id’s based of YouTube comments.
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I love hardcore / Frenchore
Not a big fan of The Uptempo scene but
" Cryogenic - Rocking Hard " is Pure Madness  :thumbsup2:  :bomb:
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Added some id’s based of YouTube comments.