Shoutbox: [26-02] Swampthing: Does anyone know if there are big packs / collections of livesets from certain festivals somewhere? Some festivals have 100s of artist which makes it a big challenge to collect all the livesets individually.

T Trailblazer @ Dooter's Podcast 01


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These podcasts will be dedicated to early frenchcore and this one was especially recorded on my birthday, I decided to upload it today because I was very busy and I barely had time to master it and equalize it a bit
so ......
Enjoy it : )

"It's not that early but a little old"

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1. Drokz - Bounce The Classical Way
2. Maissouille - Névrose
3. Radium - Twilight zone
4. Psiko - Tribulations
5. Psiko - Disko Inferno
6. Maissouille - Nautilus
7. Industrial Terror Squad - Broadcasting the Sick
8. The Speed Freak - Thrillseekers
9. Hellfish - Dogfish
10. Radium - Alternate Personality
11. Micron - A Figure In The Snow
12. DJ Japan - Terrorism
13. Micron - The Juggernaut (Sound of Baghdad Edit)
14. Adrenokrome - The Reality Show 240

Dooter -
I love UK hardcore / Frenchcore
Next Podcast will be more Earlier Than this  8-)  :6:  (L)
Dooter -
I love UK hardcore / Frenchcore
And MC Link Added for anyone who wants to stream it  :thumbsup2:
I'm preparing a new set, it will arrive very soon  8-)