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Real Name:
Kentaro Okamoto
Japanese DJ.
Started spinning the Wheels of Steel at the age of 13.
On September 18th 2002, reigning DMC World 3rd place from 2001, DJ Kentaro (Kentaro Okamoto) re-tried for his 1st time World Champion title and claimed the title with the perfect score ever in DMC World history. Dedicating his winning 6 minute set to his consciousness "No walls between the music", DJ Kentaro finally took 2 gold Technics 1200's and a matching Technics DJ mixer to its home country. As the first Asian Champion ever in the DMC History.

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  Side A
1. DJ Mitsu - Intro (DJ Mitu Original Trk)
2. DJ Kentaro - DJ Kentaro's Theme
3. Edan Featuring Father Time - You Suck
4. Click - Beat Box Break
5. DJ Vadim - The Terrorist
6. Choclair - Flagrant
7. Phi-Life Cypher - Bring It To Ya
8. Lexicon Featuring 4-Zone - Come Up
9. Triple Seis - New York, New York
10. Unsung Heroes - The Next Degree
11. Travis Blaque - The Bachelords (RJD2 Remix)
12. DJ Serious - Untitled
13. DJ Serious Featuring D-Styles - Popped
14. Ugly Duckling - Rock On Top
15. People Under The Stairs - San Francisco Knights
16. Lone Catalysts - Lone Catalysts
17. Aim Featuring YZ - From Here To Fame
18. Jehst - Blue Bells
19. Guru Featuring Bilal - Certified
20. Common Featuring Bilal - Funky For You
21. Talib Kweli & Hi-Tek - The Blast
22. Jay Dee - Share It Down
23. Spacek - Eve (Jay Dee Mix)
24. Q-Tip - Untitled
  Side B
25. DJ Kentaro - DMC World Final @ Londan Apollo
26. London Funk Allstars - What's In The Basket
27. K-Delight - How Many DJ's
28. Jean-Jacques Perrey - E.V.A. (Fat Boy Slim Remix)
29. DJ Me DJ You - Because (DJ Swamp Remix)
30. Dub Diablo - Disco Headache 2000 Mix
31. Boca 45 - Tribute To P.P.
32. The Deadly Avenger - We Took Pelham
33. London Funk Allstars - Chun Lee vs Wah Wah Man
34. London Funk Allstars - Listen To The Beat
35. Spacek - Eve
36. Killa Kela - Step Then
37. DJ Food - Freedom (Fila Brazillia Mix 1)
38. DJ Food - Freedom
39. Cold Cut - Bordoer
40. DJ Food - Sexy Bits (Ae9v Mix)
41. Lusine Icl. - Lazy Days
42. The Irresistible Force - 12 O'Clock
43. Mr. Scruff - Honeydew (Inst.)
44. Silent Poets - Light And Shade

hardcorerepublic [Moderator] -
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no Side B ?  :-/
pointlesspoint -
Coherent incoherence
I don't have it personally, only the mp3 of Side A downloaded from back in the days.

I can't read Japanese  :p, otherwise i might have found it. Might be on Soulseek.

Make a Hip Hop tag up here  :bye: (LSDB not genrelisting one of the most pop genre in the... world is priceless).
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alexvdh -
need for koek : underground
all the kidz know DJ Vadim - The Terrorist bcoz of this vid:
 ^.^ there is an electric box in brussel with a side only signed by the crew and him
the legend says he wears two differents shoes lol
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On 30-11-2021 00:48:58, pointlesspoint wrote:

Make a Hip Hop tag up here  :bye: (LSDB not genrelisting one of the most pop genre in the... world is priceless).

Only electronic (dance) music here on lsdb  :)

I myself sometimes do submit hip hop sets here as well. This is often because the set is featured in a podcast serie or the dj is known for making early hardcore sets for example.

We do like grime ..and we don't like trap  :p

These "real" hiphop mixes are great! ..but i think the majority of the danceable-party-hip-hop-sets these days are just the regular "drop-it-like-its-hot" garbage .... often containing tracks triggering copyright mechanisms.