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Nicolas Flamel @ Doomcore Records Pod Cast 005

Industrial   Ambient   Intelligent Dance Music

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Doomcore Records Pod Cast 005 - Nicolas Flamel - A Difficult Music Mash-up


00:00:00 ANENZEPHALIA vs GREBENSTEIN - Genealogy Of Self
00:05:33 FIR§T LAW vs ABU AMA - The Amphetamine Sulfate Labyrinth
00:11:52 TRIBE OF CIRCLE vs KEITH LE BLANC - Steps Of Repentance
00:17:37 ARCHON SATANI vs MIKA VAINIO - Mental Freight Dispersal I
00:23:21 EX.ORDER vs YEN TOWERS - Stack Of Pain Amplifiers
00:28:18 RAPOON vs SNTS - Night That Blindfolds
00:34:57 GODFLESH vs MONOCORPSE - Nihil Offer (Final Belief Mix)
00:40:41 BRIGHTER DEATH NOW vs ANCESTRAL VOICES - La Purga Evangelicum
00:46:32 INADE vs Ø - Disconnecting U-Bahn
00:51:35 PUBLIC IMAGE LIMITED - The Order Of Death