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Audioholik @ Early Hardstyle Showcase Vol.5 - 2006 Special

Early Hardstyle   Hardstyle   Classic hardstyle

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With the end of the year closing in, I wanted to go back 15+ years (!) with this showcase. I need my fix of 2006  ;) Such a great year for hardstyle!

The tracklist is definitely something that I would've played back in those days. Lovely mix of the harder stuff with some melodic threads running through it.

Enjoy and happy holidays! See you next year  :)

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1. Thalamus - Flash Forward (In Qontrol 2006 Anthem)
2. Dana - Ultrasonic (Technoboy Remix)
3. DJ Mad-E-Fact - The Hustle (DJ Isaac Remix)
4. Basebank & Lownoise - The Orgasm
5. Alpha Twins - The Darkside (Qlimax 2006 Anthem)
6. Brian M vs McBunn - We Are The Bass
7. Ado & Montorsi - Give Me All Your Money (Zatox Remix)
8. Lars Tindy vs Vega - No Turning Back
9. DJ Stardust - Sound Of Vintage (2006 Remix)
10. DJ Neo - Vampires (Blutonium Boy Mix)
11. SMF - Hardstyle Sex (With You)
12. DJ Mystery - Punani (Space Invaders Remix)

Seizure -
Early Hardstyle/Core/Trance
Last year that was really good for Hardstyle, from 2007 is meh...nice set  :thumbsup:
Audioholik -
Indeed! 2007 is kinda 50/50 for me. In hindsight 2006 was certainly the tipping point. Also I liked nustyle way better when it fresh and new.

Thanks for listening mate, and happy holidays!
Hansolo [Set Editor] -
Tracks from 2006 are Classic Hardstyle imo  :thumbsup:
Audioholik -
Some are definitely cross over. I consider 'classic' aka 'nustyle' as tracks with almost only triplet rhythm and distorted pitching bass/kicks in the climax.

Some of these tracks have triplets, but with gated kicks, which is awesome and way better imo  :thumbsup:
Gewijzigd door Audioholik op 26-12-2021 10:06
Roan456 -
For me these tracks are already meh, but there were definitely other tracks which i still liked back then, especially stuff from Builder like Hardbeat Market, Her Voice, Zhangar (builder remix)
But I was (and still am) always more a reverse bass guy
Audioholik -
Over smaak valt niet te twisten  :thumbsup:

Komende showcase moet weer eens eentje worden met 2002 and before ???? Zit te denken aan een 'saifam beginnings'

Happy new year everyone!