Shoutbox: [14-05] Needlemouth: Hi guys, anyone know cassette mixes named Darkraver tales?

Fatamor @ Hard Music Vol. 3


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Activator and Flarup Tripping (Kamikaze Remix)Aikon - Destroy The MelodyBuilder - Bad Manners (Luca Antolini DJ Mix)Dj Slideout - The Tube DJ Thera - A Littl...


Activator and Flarup Tripping (Kamikaze Remix)
Aikon - Destroy The Melody
Builder - Bad Manners (Luca Antolini DJ Mix)
Dj Slideout - The Tube
DJ Thera - A Little Touch (Geck-o Oldskool Remix)
Limpar - Rejected (Schwarzende Mix)
Log One & DJ Wragg - Creatures
Max Enforcer and Frontliner - On the Go - Max Enforcer
Sensation - Adagio For Strings [Free Release]
SMD - All For The Thrill (NC Re-Fix) TBT [2010]
Thalamus Flash Forward (In Qontrol Anthem 2006)
Ultrasonic - Ultrabass - Seb Williams
V-Heads - Paxi Fixi (Deepforces Remix) [HQ Original] [2007]
Geck-o - Forces of the Universe
Brooklyn Bounce & Technoboy - Bass Beats & Melody (Technoboy 2010 Remix) + Lyrics