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:๔๏ภ คɭקђ๏ภร๏: a.k.a C0SM1C-4LPHA @ Rising Above The 7Th Heaven II

Progressive Trance   Trance   Progressive

Toegevoegd door: Trip-R @

Bestandstype: Lossless WAV
Lengte: 01:07:00

Meer info
Relaxing Deep Progressive Trance Liveset
Mixed entirely in 432Hz by :๔๏ภ คɭקђ๏ภร๏: a.k.a. C0SM1C-4LPH4 on 11-02-2022

BPM: 122.22

Disclaimer: This mix is for promotional use only. All legal rights remain to the labels and/or producers authority

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