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Audioholik @ Rave Alert label showcase Vol.1

Early Hardstyle   Hardtrance   Hardtechno

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Who's up for some neorave? I sure am! I love this upcoming scene which has many influences from the good old days of hardstyle, -trance, -techno, ... you name it  ;)

This showcase focuses on the label RAVE ALERT from Belgium and includes tracks up till catalog# RAVE24.

Please check it out!

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1. Pako Marckx - The Morally Corrupt
2. Geck-O - You Now Control Me
3. Madora - Arkadia
4. Axyom - Reward System
5. Geck-O - You Call That Dancing
6. Dyen - Venom (Madora Remix)
7. Thoqy, Minus 25 - Mass Hysteria
8. Geck-O - Hyper Hyper Hyper Hyper
9. Alt8 - Rise Of The Humanmind
10. Madora - Voices Of Evil
11. DXPE - Most Wanted
12. Kø:lab - Devastate
13. Sonico - Prepare For Domination
14. Madora - The Moment
15. Geck-o - Ill Behaviour
16. Teokad, Void Builder - Ramdam

Elpeezy -
Thanks for this one! Definitely a label that is keeping the EHS sound alive.