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Audioholik @ Ultimate Gary D showcase (2002-2005)

Early Hardstyle

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A new showcase remembering the legendary GARY D! It was such a shock when he suddenly passed away in 2016. A sad day for hard dance community.

Now on to the music; This showcase focuses on the years 2002-2005. It's what I call his early hardstyle period. These tracks are so full of energy! Expect lots of reverse bass, catchy leads/screeches and awesome melodies.

Enjoy and I hope you rest in peace Gerald!

Gestemd door: Seizure Audioholik Mako Hansolo

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1. Bazztard - Welcome 2 Hell (Gary D Hard As Hell Mix)
2. Children of E - Crack It (Gary D Remix)
3. Techno Citizens - Timeslot (Gary D Hard Beatz Remix)
4. Gary D ft. Ruffian - Raise Your Hands (Gary D Hardstyle Mix)
5. M.D.T. vs Daywalker - Destroy! (Gary D vs Daywalker Mix)
6. Hardnation - Humanoid (Gary D Club Mix)
7. Sam Punk - Whores (Gary D's Bloody Saturday Night Club Mix)
8. Daywalker - Rhythmatic (Gary D Bass-X Mix)
9. H.A.Z.A.R.D - Da Nu Style (H.A.Z.A.R.D. Hardstyle Mix)
10. LJ Style - Black Arrows 2004 (Gary D Hard Bass Mix)
11. Zemtec - Bring Me Ur Silence (Gary D Remix)
12. Shoko - Hardclub Master (Gary D's Hardstyle Mix)
13. Wallstädt & Dorfler - The Art Of Destruction (Gary D Remix)
14. Gary D - Four Iz The Number (Gary D Original Mix)
15. H.A.Z.A.R.D. - James Brown Is Dead (Gary D Deadly Hard Bass Remix)
16. Ultraphaze - Here Comez The Bass (Gary D Hardstyle Mix)
17. Bazztard - Diz You Right Now (Gary D Hard Bazz Club Mix)

Seizure -
Early Hardstyle/Core/Trance
Techno Citizens - Timeslot (Gary D Hard Beatz Remix)  :thumbsup2:
Hansolo [Set Editor] -