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Dr. Peacock @ Slam! FM


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In the words of the doctor: music is the best medicine! Dr. Peacock came over to the SLAM! studio to give us an exclusive preview of the upcoming Medication Time Album ???? Supported by Da Mouth of Madness and Ewa on the violin, he blew our roof with his frenchcore sound!

The new Dr. Peacock album will be out this month, check out his newest videoclip for 'Drink' here:

Connect with Dr. Peacock:

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1. Dr. Peacock & Dethveda - Conflict
2. Dr. Peacock x Odium x Da Mouth of Madness - Still Standing Strong
3. Dr. Peacock x Ascendnant Vierge - Influenceur (Hard Version)
4. ID (Dr. Peacock x Da Mouth of Madness - ID (Showtime?))
5. Dr. Peacock & Neika - Party Rocker (1)
6. Dr. Peacock - Trip to Valhalla
7. Dr. Peacock x Guigoo - Japanese Nightclub
8. Dr. Peacock & Ophidian - The Wonders Of The Universe
9. Dr. Peacock ft. Haralds Simanis - Trip To Latvia
10. Dr. Peacock x D-Frek - Drink
11. Dr. Peacock x Da Mouth of Madness x HRTMN - Peacock in Babylon
12. Dr. Peacock - Medication Time
13. Dr. Peacock - Illusion of Time
14. Dr. Peacock & Aekhloria - Everything Falls Apart

RubberenRobbie -
1. Dr. Peacock & Dethveda - Conflict []
2. Dr. Peacock & Odium & Da Mouth of Madness - Still Standing Strong []
8. Dr. Peacock & Ophidian - The Wonders of the Universe []
12. Dr. Peacock - Medication Time []
14. Dr. Peacock & AekhloriÄ… - Everything Falls Apart []

Edit: 9. Trip To Latvia is ft Haralds SÄ«manis []
Gewijzigd door RubberenRobbie op 19-06-2022 10:43
RubberenRobbie -
Lol, all beatport tracks have been removed. Guess it was released a bit too early  ;)
Gewijzigd door RubberenRobbie op 20-06-2022 17:01
Dooter -
I love UK hardcore / Frenchcore
Fortunately I managed to buy the Dr. Peacock & Stormtrooper track- A500  :yay: