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Not Breathing feat. cEvin Key @ El Rey Theatre

Industrial   Intelligent Dance Music

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Not Breathing with cEvin Key live in Los Angeles, 9 February 2011

"Not Breathing with special guest cEvin Key live at the El Rey, Los Angeles, 9 February 2011.
This was when NB opened for Meat Beat Manifesto. Special guest cEvin Key of Skinny Puppy sat in with NB. I couldn't tell you what parts he played or what synths he played, but he was out on stage, jammin' along for the entire performance.

I originally gave this recording to Dave, the main guy in NB, shortly after the concert, and he put it up on Bandcamp for a long time. But I see now that he must have taken it down at some point. But I contacted him and he gave me the OK to put it here on my concert recordings blog, so enjoy."