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T-Log @ Gabber Resistance Tape 2

Early Hardcore

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His name is Teun Stam (T-Log) and he is from Kolhorn, Netherlands. He has been listening to hardcore since he was a little fucker. Now, he has been DJing for 4 or 5 years with his small Pioneer DJ Controller. But since Covid got us all gabbers fucked, he decided it was the perfect time to learn something new. So, he started to collect vinyl.

As of today, T-Log has collected a couple hundred vinyls. And he is very proud of his collection.

Here is a small grasp of what he has to offer. Expect a variety of slow Early Hardcore / Gabber to fast French Hardcore / Industrial Terror. Mostly from the best time there is, the 90's!

Enjoy this "fast" paced Early Hardcore set. With happy melodies in the beginning that lead to some darker stuff in the end.

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1. DJ E-Rick & Tactic - Dance To The Beat
2. Frank-E & Mars-L - Devastation
3. DJ E-Rick & Tactic - Hands In D'air
4. Omar Santana - Rebel To The Cause
5. DJ Lancinhouse Meets The Stunned Guys - We Are The Dynacore
6. Lord Of Hardcore - Attack The Dancefloor
7. Frank-E & Mars-L - Aeon
8. The Darkcreator - Hysterical
9. Kool Killers - Amerikaaaaaah!
10. Revulsion ft. DJ Epitaph - The Man Of The Hour
11. Kool Killers - Whistling Whistling
12. Recharge - Why Can't We See ?
13. Frank-E & Mars-L - Edge Of Sanity
14. DJ Buby ft. The Stunned Guys - Noooooooo
15. Fear Factory - T-1000 (H-K)
16. Tellurian - Hardcore Junkies
17. Walter One - Live In Hell
18. DJ Buby ft. The Stunned Guys - Mandarina