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Geck-o & D00d @ Hallucinaliens (Album Mix)


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This is what happens when two good friends have a lot of fun in the studio. Over the course of three years, Geck-o and D00d have been crafting alien beats, tweaking ridiculous sounds and recording ineffable vocals in the hope that at least one other earthling would last the entire journey of this unearthly trip.

Extra special shoutout to our dear associates Mesloes, Lapizuli, T-dawg McKenna, the guy who thinks he's the reincarnation of Tupac, actual aliens, the guy who got us worried about tripping, T-dawg again, Rikster von Damn & The Funky Coyote, my secret crush, the hopeful gravedigger and those strange little creatures that got on our nerves: THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR EXISTING!

But guess what...

This album is also available on CASSETTE TAPE, a true collector's item. Get it through our shop at


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1. Geck-o & D00d ft. Mesloes - First Dose
2. Geck-o & D00d ft. Lapizuli - Fancy Bow
3. Geck-o & D00d - Take It Easy Dude (But Take It)
4. Geck-o & D00d - The Umbrella Project
5. Geck-o & D00d - Aliens Are Back (Again)
6. Geck-o & D00d - Set Your Trip Meter
7. Geck-o & D00d - Hallucinalien
8. Geck-o & D00d - Raar Nummertje
9. Geck-o & D00d ft. Wavolizer - Ellis Dinero
10. Geck-o & D00d ft. Wavolizer - The Undertaker
11. Geck-o & D00d - Dosing Off