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Audioholik @ Twilight Forces x IG Bounce & Darqtai showcase

Early Hardstyle   Hardstyle

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New showcase online! This time it's some classic hardstyle from Germany. An awesome duo, releasing tracks on legendary labels like Future Sound Corporation (run by Trance Generators) and doing cool collabs with guys like ScuL (Global Hardstyle founder). I love the drive and energy in their tracks. Those catchy intro leads especially! Please join my on this trip and let me know what you think.

The tracks in this mix are from the period 2006-2009.

Please enjoy this new showcase!

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1. Super Marco May vs IG Bounce & Darqtai - Day Of Judgement (Part One)
2. The Overminds - 2nd Mission
3. IG Bounce & Darqtai - Prime Ass (Live Violin Mix)
4. Trance Generators - U Can't Stop Us (IG Bounce & Darqtai Remix)
5. The Overminds - Devil's Gate
6. Audio Damage - Garlic Breath Tosser (IG Bounce & Darqtai Remix)
7. Trance Generators - Do You Wanna Balloon (Twilight Forces Remix)
8. Super Marco May ft. Mad Bob - Fuera De Cabeza (IG Bounce & Darqtai Remix)
9. Twilight Forces meet Scul - Keep Bouncin'
10. Trance Generators - Wildstyle Generation (IG Bounce & Darqtai Remix)
11. The Overminds & MC Apster - Bassflow
12. IG Bounce & Darqtai - Queen Bitch
13. Twilight Forces - Darq Exile (IG Bounce & Darqtai Mix)
14. Trance Generators - Do Not Follow The Leaders (Twilight Forces Remix)
15. IG Bounce & Darqtai - Damn That DJ
16. Twilight Forces - Halls Of The Blind (IG Bounce & Darqtai Mix)
17. Radium vs Audio Damage - Play That Shit (Twilight Forces Remix)

alexvdh -
need for koek : underground
The only one good nu style album ever produced was done by the Overminds
Gewijzigd door alexvdh op 11-03-2023 10:33
Seizure -
Early Hardstyle/Core/Trance
That was a really *cking good set  :thumbsup2:  :thumbsup2:
Audioholik -
Thanks guys! Glad you like it!
Gewijzigd door Audioholik op 11-03-2023 13:08
alexvdh -
need for koek : underground
Yep trier to post it one week ago
But cant ctrl c ctl v the tracklist only with my Phone
Glad u restarted to submit here  :beer:
Edit: ig bounce & darqtai were among the last to release on rhe defunkt et legendary original future sound corporation label  :cry:  (L)
MC apster is not a monster but he done properly the work. Love him
Gewijzigd door alexvdh op 11-03-2023 12:19
Audioholik -
I forgot to post it on here somehow. So now double pleasure in combi with the Zenith mix  ^.^