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Luca S @ Old Uptempo & Terror Dostorted mix

Hardcore   Terror

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Bestandstype: 320 kbit MP3
Lengte: 00:45:49

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Con questo set-mix ho voluto provare i bassi potenti della mia nuova consolle, specialmente nell' ultima parte dove gia' i bassi sono molto belli dall' originale, infatti ho messo doppi bassi nelle ultime due tracce . Spero piaccia a tutti i miei follower.

With this set-mix I wanted to try the powerful bass of my new console, especially in the last part where the bass is already very beautiful from the original, in fact I put double bass in the last two tracks. I hope all my followers like it.

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1. Amada & Drokz - Live Fast
2. Noize Suppressor & Drokz - Fingers in the Air
3. Drokz - The Groove Of The Electronic Music
4. Drokz - Underdog
5. Drokz, Akira & Mr Courage - HKV Anthem
6. Drokz & Akira & MC Michel aka Hentaiboy #1 - Hentai Hardcore
7. Hardbouncer - Fuck The Pain Away
8. Hardbouncer ft. S'aphira - Judas
9. Hardbouncer - Bambola Assassina
10. Hardbouncer - Eargazm
11. Unproven - Prison
12. Angernoizer - De Moeder
13. Angernoizer & The Vizitor - Rammen Met Sjors