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Cut-X , Sascha GN , Beagle , Glurff , Fast Eddy & The Speed Freak @ GN vol 8 Record Release Frühlingsgewitter Tresor Germany

Hardcore   Frenchcore

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here is the full night of Gabba Nation presents GN vol 8 live in germany

hardcore /speedcore/darkcore from 2003
wicked sounds

its in 3 parts u need to download all 3 parts then it make one mp3

i have upload all sets of mediafire so u all can enjoy this amazing night

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  Speed Freak & Fast Eddy:
1. The Shapeshifter - Street Trash (Deutsche Version)
2. Deadface - Noise Killer
3. Hellfish - Professional Psycho
4. Deadface - Procession
5. Hellfish - Bring On The Hurricane Pain
6. Technological Terror Crew - The Ripper (Hellfish Remix)
7. Radium - Art Is Nasal
8. The DJ Producer - Harder They Fall (Kamikazees Reprize) (1)
9. Speed Freak - Steel-Finger
10. The Speed Freak - Mechatronic
11. Speed Freak - Wonderland
12. Speed Freak - Sin Is Eternal
13. The Speed Freak - Ebola
14. Speed Freak - Intruder Trilogy, Chap 3: Destruction
15. Androgyn Network - Hard Sensation
16. Speed Freak - Oblivion
17. Androgyn Network - Highway 666
18. Micropoint - E-Man
19. Triplet - The Darkside
20. ID (Speed Freak -)

jamiehardbassfreak -
Can you put some more download links up please thanks.
SandStorm [Set Editor] -
It's A Dirty Job...
new links  :thumbsup:
pointzero -
Full event added on Soundcloud @ 192kbits

the tag should rather be artist "Gabba Nation" @ the legendary "Tresor" or "Tresor Berlin" to give this great 5 hour cut a much better chance to be found  :thumbsup:

all the artists @ " GN vol 8 Record Release Frühlingsgewitter" is waaay to specific to be found over the engine  :W
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Dooter -
I love UK hardcore / Frenchcore
1.-The Shapeshifter - Street Trash (Deutsche Version)
13.- The Speed Freak - Ebola

I love how the Speed Freak sets were very powerful for their time.  :yay:  :bomb:  :bomb:  :bomb: