Shoutbox: [15:18] Bedlam: Stefan ZMK got that one it's called 'Mix At Home'.

Fast Ram @ Sounds Of The Amiga Rave Vol.1

Breakbeat   Oldschool   Techno

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Using Amiga computers from the 90s and self-developed software, I'll take you on a journey among the sounds that were hitting the 90s raves back when the Amiga was a viable and key bit of gear for many of those wanting to get into music-making on a budget. You'll hear rare edits and remixes alongside accurate retracks and original material created by musicians using this limited hardware.

The nerd sheet:
2x Amiga 600 running PT-1210 v1.1 (DJ decks)
1x Amiga 1200 running XSD v0.5b (sample launching)
1x mixer, two hands, 100% Amiga tunes

Remember: about 3 or 4 seconds sample time per sample, and only 31 of those allowed in the system at one time (Protracker restrictions). These machines run at anything between 7 and 20 Mhz, a mere percentage of the computing power in your phone.

Blooper: watch a partial admin reveal when I frantically try to make the keyboard work again by opening the Amiga up. True pros never have their Amiga case bolted on ????

If you like what you hear and want to support my music work (including Amiga music development), please give me a follow in the following places, and also consider buying some music off my Bandcamp page. I'll be forever thankful.

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