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Hard Driver @ Defqon.1 2023 Color Days Red


Toegevoegd door: JurneSleddens @

Lengte: 00:31:23

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During the Defqon.1 Color Days, we provide you with some of the best sounds within the harder styles. Feel the vibrations of victory flow through your veins with the RED mix by Hard Driver! ????❤️

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1. Hard Driver - Into Ecstasy
2. Hard Driver - Rise Again (Defqon.1 2022 Closing Theme)
3. Hard Driver - NRG Overload
4. Showtek - The Colour Of The Harder Styles (Hard Driver Edit)
5. Hard Driver - Rise Of The Tribe
6. Hard Driver - Face the Fire
7. Hard Driver & Sickmode - NRG
8. Rebelion & Hard Driver - Earthquake (Live Edit)
9. Hard Driver - Blood Sugar
10. Hard Driver ft. Villain - One More Track (Live Edit)