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Bruhze @ Release Fund Mix


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Bruhze Release Fund Mix ( Fish and Rice Grand Swindle Extravaganza 2nd June 2023 )

support Bruhze for his release Fund mix for 2nd June 2023...

PRSPCT, Deathchant & HKV Present:
Fish & Rice Grand Swindle Extravaganza
Step right up for the greatest show on Earth!
On June 2nd 2023 the Fish & Rice Grand Swindle Extravaganza will strike down on club WORM, Rotterdam.
Get ready for the heart-pumping musical spectacle of a lifetime and dive deep into the culinary world of Fish & Rice flavours where every bite is a massive slap in the face from your favourite hardcore chefs.
(Pre event medical check up is advisable.)
Digest the night in two stages!
Fish and Rice - Live
Secret Squirrel
Joe ET
MC Dart
+ Many Many More