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IFFYHYPE @ Hyperbop Hardcore Space Opera Mix

Hardtek   UK Happy Hardcore

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Lengte: 01:04:41

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" Hyperbop: the final frontier. These are the voyages of IFFYHYPE. His sixty-five-minute mission: to explore strange new tunes; to seek out new donk and to boldly go where no DJ from Bradford has gone before!

Here is a rerecord of my set from Hyperbop in back in June. In keeping with Hyperbop's amazing theme and backstory, I put this mix together as a bit of an intergalactic space opera, you can read the synopsis of the mix below...

Having dreamt of life amongst the stars for many years, our humble hero is left stunned in disbelief, as he is propelled on an intergalactic space adventure.

Soon enough our protagonist finds himself revelling in the cosmic spectacle of star formations and the resplendent beauty of the galaxy. However, his awe is swiftly replaced with terror as he confronts space orks, the borg, and other unseen perils of the cosmos.

In the midst of this celestial warfare, a love blooms, shining bright amidst the falling stars, and inspiring our hero to soar to new heights, as unstoppable as a shooting star.

Yet, darkness looms when he stumbles into another dimension, revealing a chilling truth: Earth's affairs are under surveillance, and a nefarious threat lurks in the shadows. His life-or-death struggle with Orgalorg, a looming threat from the cosmos, takes an unexpected turn when a distress signal from Earth rings out: a meteorite is on a collision course with the planet.

Plagued by doubt and regret, our hero must reconcile his dreams of castles in the sky with his mission to save Earth from impending doom. The heavens seem to have abandoned him until an unexpected ally appears. A Starman, harbinger of hope, waits in the sky, with plans for Earth's salvation unfolding in the bustling canteen of Mos Eisley.

As our hero races against time on the Star Trek Enterprise, with Klingons closing on the starboard bow, one question remains: Will he be able to thwart the alien invasion and save his home planet?

Have a listen to find out.

More about Hyperbop... "

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1. ALRT - Spaceman 5000
2. Chemistry - Outer Space
3. DJ Depath & M-Project - Forming of Stars
4. Zone 33 vs Aksys - Planet of Doom
5. Protokseed - Machine Gun
6. Knechtjong - The Happy Orc
7. V1♪†u41 R10† & ⓕun†C45ㅌ - Borg [Toukiro Imakara 170edit]
8. Defekt - Stars Fall
9. DJ Skull Vomit - Ronnie & His Shooting Starfish
10. JAKAZiD - Take Me Higher (S2i8 Remix)
11. We Rob Rave - Another Dimension X (Voidboi Remix)
12. Kurt - Space Odyssey 2014
13. Orgalorg The Tekno Lord - I Am Orgalorg
14. Maximum - Supernova
15. The Speed Freak - Message From Space
16. Sharky - Out of this World
17. Castles in the Sky - Ian Van Dahl (uWu party mix)
18. Jakes - flying high
19. D̤̮J̤̮ G̤̮O̤̮S̤̮S̤̮I̤̮P̤̮ - ☆.*・。゚SPACE INVADERS☆*゚¨゚゚・*
20. Gammer - Prodigy Double Bootleg
21. Pegboard Nerds - Heaven Let Us Down (feat. Koda) (T4TSUYA Edit)
22. The Speed Freak - Little Feb's Space-Adventure
23. Dr LoOney - La Cantina- starwars tekno Remix
24. The Firm - Star Trekkin'