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Core25 @ Technologikal Transmissions (1996-2010 Mix)

UK Hardcore   Early Hardcore

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Core25 - Technologikal Transmissions 96 - 2010 Mix (Deathchant / UK Hardcore Techno)

"A 32 track all vinyl mix of classic [homegrown] Hardcore Techno/Gabba mainly from the late 90's and into the early 2000's with the majority of releases coming from Deathchant Records and Area 51 Recordings plus a few other well known classic UK labels (Social Parasite, Hardcore Mafia, Rebelscum) which of course featured many of the same/related artists. Inspiration for this mix came from the few days of nice weather we've had recently and the upcoming summer months so there's a bias towards more of the trancey chilled out (UFO) atmospheres with a strong hit of acid vibes throughout... so perhaps a mix more suitable for those sunny garden sessions.

As always any listeners are much appreciated so a big thanks if you decide to give this long range transmission a go."

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1. The DJ Producer - 21st Century Core - Research Pt.2 (Orchestrations For The End Of The World)
2. The DJ Producer - Research & Development (21st-Century-Core)
3. Dolphin & DJ Tox - The DJ Producers Crashcan Remix
4. The DJ Producer - The Teknological Revolutionary
5. The DJ Producer - Come On In
6. The DJ Producer - The Sirens of Aqua Sulis
7. Diplomat & The DJ Producer - The Vortices
8. Diplomat - Tantalum Cones
9. The Death Syndicate - Metabolic Disorder
10. USD - One Small Step
11. J Tek - Woop (Remix)
12. USD - Unsettled
13. USD - Intoxicate
14. Menace & USD - File001
15. Menace & USD - Trip X5
16. DJ Clarkee - I Am God Here
17. Technological Terror Crew - Where Angels Fear To Tread (Hellfish Remix)
18. Technological Terror Crew - Who Da F*ck Are You? (Remix)
19. Dolphin, Tox & Dare - Welcome to Slavery
20. Dolphin & Tox - Ascendus Avernum (Ascent From Hell)
21. Dunderhead - Deep Red
22. Placid K - T-Code
23. The DJ Producer - Emotional Blackmail (Soften The Blow)
24. The DJ Producer - Positive Outlook
25. Diplomat - Praise The Acid
26. The DJ Producer - Whatever It Takes
27. Death Syndicate - Adrenosceptor
28. The DJ Producer - The Last Great Overdose
29. Hellfish & Producer - No More Rock N Roll (Koala Fish Mutant Bird Mix)
30. The DJ Producer - Out Of Control (Huge Spaced Arena Mix)
31. The DJ Producer - The DJ Producer Takes Deathchant To The Butchers
32. Hellfish - Destined For Destruction

Dooter -
I love UK hardcore / Frenchore
Tracklist looks very Promising
I'll listen to it right now!!  :yay:  :bomb:  _O-
Dooter -
I love UK hardcore / Frenchore
 :bomb:  :bomb:  :worship:  :worship:  :worship:

Yep , its a masterpiece
pointlesspoint -
Coherent incoherence
On 31-08-2023 01:33:35, Dooter wrote:

 :bomb:  :bomb:  :worship:  :worship:  :worship:

Yep , its a masterpiece

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