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Lazercat @ P.H Signals 019

Electro   Breakbeat   Acid

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Lengte: 01:05:01

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For the 19th installment of Signals we welcome Berlin based Electro head, Lazercat.

Lazercat is a DJ, producer and crazy cat lady. Growing up in Western Canada, she made her own way towards electronic music production while training as a classical violinist. She then began DJing many years later, inspired to take to the turntables after countless hours spent on Berlins infamous dancefloors.

With a penchant for all things overlooked and under-the-radar, Lazercat's sound draws from a variety of sonic and emotional landscapes; from acidic, extraterrestrial electro to neon-drenched 80s synth-funk - and everything in between.

Lazercat has also been actively co-running the Dreams of Neon party and livestream series in recent years, with regular DJ sets broadcast on the iconic Intergalactic FM.

This mix sees an all vinyl assault of Electro firepower. Heavy hitters throughout.

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1. Galaxy87 - 31 Seconds
2. CYWU - Trip To Another
3. Rings Around Saturn - Grip
4. Kuzma Palkin - Smut Agenda
5. The Exaltics & Heinrich Müller - Time Aperture
6. Random XS - Titan Rain
7. Lost Trax - Drift
8. Nullptr - Resilience
9. KafkaCtrl - Tactics
10. Human Rebellion - Civil War
11. Cygnus - Throwing Shade
12. Silicon Scally - Borexino
13. RX-101 - Clinch
14. BPMF - Muy Macho
15. 051 Destroyer - The Hydro Return
16. Gosub - The Depth Charge
17. Passarani - Water Pressure
18. Jeremiah R. - Time Loop
19. Arpanet - Wireframe Images
20. Binaural - Director