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Barty Fire @ The Best Of Mainfield (Part II)


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Dennis Kramme & Philipp Häger are Dance Producers and DJs from Germany.

Dennis & Philipp started with their first single "Mainbrain & Somville - Energy" [Drizzly Records] in the beginning of 2004.
Their worldwide breakout track was "Mainfield - Supernova" [Mental Madness] which was released in spring time of 2005.

They already did remixes for "big names" such as Klubbingman, DJ Dean, Rob Mayth and Bangbros.
They also have a lot of side projects on various labels.

In the beginning of 2006 they found a homebase for their newest project "Solar Patrol" at Aqualoop Records.

In 2008 they decided to stop all the projects they did together and to go separate ways.

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