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Audio Menace @ Real Hardstyle Radio (Enter Your Mind hosted by Mind Control)

Early Hardstyle   Hardstyle

Toegevoegd door: DJMindControl @

Bestandstype: 320 kbit MP3
Lengte: 00:57:08

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1. Motor Bazz - Elvis (The King Mix) (Dance Floor Corporation)
2. DJ Matti - Hate (Endless Trip Recordings)
3. Jimmy The Sound - Bow C Wow (Bow Tek Traxx) (Sigma Records)
4. GO-KKO - Techno Muscles (Techno Mix) (Dance Pollution)
5. Simon J. Bergher ft. Maxime J - The End Is Important (Trance Generators Mix) (Future Sound Corporation)
6. Phil Green - The Discovery (Trance Generators Mix) (Future Sound Corporation)
7. Digimind - Rocketz (Suntec)
8. DJ Activator vs Overdrive - The Noise Of Act (NRG Remix) (Activa Records)
9. Psycho Hardstylers - THE G@me (Analogic Disturbance Remix) (Italian Masters Of Hardstyle)
10. Spy Kore - The House In Pause (Italian Masters Of Hardstyle)
11. Essnsse - Gasoline (Leaded Mix) (Records 59)
12. Brain Ovulation - Only Kick (Running Mix) (Records 59)
13. Motor Bazz - Elvis (The King Mix) (INTRO) (Dance Floor Corporation)