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Synapse & Sei2ure @ Thunderdome Pay Back Time WarmUp Mix


Toegevoegd door: Morango @
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Bestandstype: 96 kbit MP3
Lengte: 00:14:30

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Live set with edits

Gestemd door: pppbax Peejot fub Enzyme Zieloneq


01. Sei2ure - The Sleepwalker
02. Sei2ure - Visual Contact
03. Synapse - Crispy Kick
04. Sei2ure - Zinc

pppbax -
thnx (Y)
Enzyme -
More Than Decade Past
thx  :)
Revolting_Against [Set Editor] -
Be My Mind
1.Sei2ure - The Sleepwalker
2.Sei2ure - Visual Contact
3.Synapse - Crispy Kick
4.Sei2ure - Zinc

Very difficult to tell with all the live edits and extremely high pitch