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Viciouz @ Non Stop Klaplong

Hardstyle   Industrial Hardcore

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Lengte: 01:27:33

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A new set and it's a special one!

This is a live recording of a set I played under my second alias zerotonin, but as it's pretty much harder styles, I label it here as Viciouz. It was the closing of a hardtechno party called "guilty pleasure" which happened on the 24th of may at Alhambra Oldenburg.

I wanted to confront a hardtechno crowd with the dark gated sound of klaplong xtra-raw for a long time, so I was happy for this opportunity.

Check out this energetic and fast mixed set with not much breaks. (to adapt with the crowd's will to dance for longer periods). It inlcudes some of the best spoontech tracks, some classics and of course an heavy industrial hardcore ending. Everything gated and with a little of a hardtechno vibe.


follows soon, but first listen without any clue whats coming next  :)

If you like it, feel free to share it on your social and show it to your friends in every possible way, every new listener is welcome  :)

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1. Kruelty - Slow Death (The Smiler Remix)
2. Infirium & Vyral - Behind The Mask (Original Mix)
3. Phantom, Posyden - Ascendancy (Original Mix)
4. Chapter V - Questions (Original Mix)
5. Element & Kruelty - Decibel Tool (Pro Mix)
6. The Smiler - I Believe In Pain (Original Mix)
7. Phantom - Poltergeist (Original Mix)
8. Chapter V & Collusion - GLUTTONY (Original Mix)
9. Vasto - Like This (Original Mix)
10. Mutilator - Infernal
11. Delete - Mutants (Malice & Rooler Remix)
13. Phantom & The Smiler & MC Barricade - Never Surrender (Original Mix)
14. Chapter V - KILLING ITCH (Original Mix)
15. Mortis & Captivator - Hate God (Original Mix)
16. Kruelty & DEATH CODE - DISGUSTING (Pro Mix)
17. Malice - Doom (Original Mix)
18. Rooler - Extinguish
19. Vazard - Who I Really Am
20. Delete - Munky Shit VIP (Extended Mix)
21. Chapter V - Punishment (Original Mix)
22. The Smiler - Mass Hypnosis (Original Mix)
23. Madmize x Superiore Core - Embrace the Darkside
24. The Purge - Beyond Imagination (Element Remix)
25. Kruelty - Revelation_13 (Original Mix)
26. Phantom - Demoniac (Original Mix)
27. Malice - Xtermination
28. Vazard - Zimmersion 2.0 (Original Mix)
29. The Smiler - Hellfire
30. Kruelty x Phantom - GENESIS
31. Luminite - Noctolock (Original Mix)
32. Adamant Scream ft. Thrasher - Disorder (Original Mix)
33. Tymon & Waldhaus - Purgatory
34. Micromakine - The Past Is Dead (Sei2ure Remix)
35. The Outside Agency - The Opposites (Original Version)
36. Djipe & Ophidian - Unaltered
37. Nanostorm - Cleaner Ways Don't Win Wars
38. Deathmachine - Kinetic
39. The DJ Producer- Approach Phase (Enter Dimension)
40. Deathmachine - Dred (Viciouz Remix)
41. Igneon System & Sei2ure - New World Order
42. Thrasher - The Orbiter
43. Deathmachine - When The Music Stops
44. Viciouz & Mykoz - Butterly Effect

luca-s -
beautiful set, I share it on my site  :thumbsup2:  :worship:  :worship:  :worship:
nicohc -
On 14-06-2024 19:42:45, luca-s wrote:

beautiful set, I share it on my site  :thumbsup2:  :worship:  :worship:  :worship:

Thanks man  :)