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Kutski @ BBC Radio 1

Hardtrance   Hardstyle   UK Happy Hardcore

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Bootek - 'Bootek 41a (Ready)' (Bootek)

UK Hard Dance Mix
Bret Hayward & Steve Allan - 'Boiling Point (Mac & Taylor Remix)' (Excessive Pressure)
BRK3 & Phil York - 'Traffic' (CD-R)
Baby D - 'Let Me Be Your Fantasy (Hardforze Remix)' (CD-R)
Xinetd - 'Propaganda' (CD-R)
Rob Tissera & Technical - 'Freefalling (MDA & Spherical Remix)' (Tidy)

Tommy Pulse - 'The Messiah' (3rd Movement)
Totex - 'Intoxication (Totex Mix)' (Future Club)

Kutski's Freerange Mix
Artemesia - 'Bits + Pieces (Tony De Vit Remix)' (Hooj)
Marmion - 'Schoneberg (Tony De Vit Remix)' (Hooj)
Tony De Vit - 'Give Me A Reason' (Tidy Two)
E-Trax - 'Let's Rock (Tony De Vit Remix)' (Trade)
Tony De Vit - 'The Dawn' (Tidy)
Tony De Vit - 'Are You All Ready' (Jump Wax)
Tony De Vit - 'I Don't Care (Original Trade Mix)' (Jump Wax)

Kutski's Hardstyle Mix
DJ Isaac - 'The Sound Of The Underground' (Drop Out)
Technoboy - '4 Days' (Saifam)
D Block & S Te Fan - 'Music Made Addict' (Scantraxx)
Abyss & Judge - 'Hardstyle Revolution (Showtek Remix)' (Dutch Master Works)

Slashing Fun Kids - 'Evil' (EDM)

The Hardest Record In The World Right Now
Tha Playah - 'Walk The Line' (Neophyte)

Kutski's UK Hardcore Mix
Impact & Nomad - 'Utopia Strings' (Nu Energy)
Al Storm & Bishop - 'Virtual Nightmare' (24/7)
Hixxy - 'Deep In The Night' (HTID)
Jakazid - 'Lost To The Darkside' (Nukleuz)
Fracus - 'Next To Me (Nu Foundation Remix)' (CD-R)

Kutski's Rave/Breaks Mash Up
TFTSS feat. Niki Mak - Always there' (CD-R)
The Prodigy - 'World's On Fire' (Take Me To The Hospital)
The Flashback Project - 'Blaze The Fire' (CD-R)

Rachel Wallace - 'Tell Me Why (E-Type Remix)' (Suburban Base)