Shoutbox: [12:48] hardcorerepublic: Ik heb beide sets terug gezet forgotten90. Het is inderdaad jammer als er editors zijn die te snel conclusies trekken. Laat het ons vooral weten als het niet klopt  ;)

ReLeX @ Hardstyle Session 2


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Hey guys, time for Hardstyle Session 2.
Last set has been downloaded about 250 times so we continue now with Session 2.
We are doing a little break atm with producing but we still got a track finished and we want to show it to you. "Spirit Of House" Its melodic and combines several new things we've created, new kick, new synth etc. We hope you like it. We also put some fresh new tracks of other producers in it like: Insiderz, Illuminatorz and B-Twinz. We also put in AoT and OtG again because today is release day  :) Unforunately we cant be at Q-Base so we wish those who go there a lot of fun and dont drink and drive  ;) Greetings ReLeX

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01. Q-Base - Trailer (ReLeX wishes you a lot of fun on Saturday :D)
02. Donkey Rollers - Innocent
03. Insiderz - Three Wishes
04. Illuminatorz - Binary Finary Cheat
05. ReLeX - Acts Of Terror
06. Organ Donors - Blackout (Zany's Under The Knife Remix)
07. Illuminatorz - Religion
08. ReLeX - Spirit Of House
09. The Mentalists - Tomorrow
10. Insiderz - My Dreams
11. Showtek - Early Soundz (Da Tweekaz Remix)
12. Trilok & Chiren - The Return
13. B-Twinz - Words
14. Insiderz - Take The Noize

Impakt_Now -
On 10-09-2009 19:45:17, DJ_ExE wrote:

My personal favs:

Illuminatorz - Religion  :w00t:
ReLeX - Spirit Of House  :thumbsup2:

You are 50 % of ReLeX  :D wasn't it!

Mario you're set is F*ck*ng awesome  :)

I Love You ok!

hahaha gr.

Canyonree -
02. Donkey Rollers - Innocent
06. Organ Donors - Blackout (Zany's Under The Knife Remix)
14. Insiderz - Take The Noize (Got some kind of Da Tweekaz style  :thumbsup: )


The rest is not my style  :no:
otorva -
The Decibel
very goog set  :thumbsup:
DJTraxxter -
hey guys i like your track "spirit of house". when i listen to this track i remember the days of D-Techno by Gary D. The first part of the track sounds like that and the middl sounds like modern hardstyle ... great :-D i like it

and your set ... awesome  :yay:  :yay:  :yay:  :yay:
Abrikozenjam -
Iedereen is gek (behalve ik)!
Showtek - Early Soundz (Da Tweekaz Remix)  :worship:

hoewel ik het origineel ook vet vind  :$

nu de rest nog luisteren, insiderz  :worship:
08. ReLeX - Spirit Of House
10. Insiderz - My Dreams
13. B-Twinz - Words
14. Insiderz - Take The Noize
 :bomb:  :bomb:
Titatovenaar -
05. ReLeX - Acts Of Terror
The break in it, giving me orgasm everytime I hear it  :(
Zwockstyle -
hear,love and live your Sound
 :info:But I must also say good ...... once again the good stuff have you done  :info: