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Dj Zilch @ Chaos Bass Vol.4 Part Two

Early Hardstyle

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01.Roughstylers - Wizards on Cocaine
02.Tatanka Project - Tripods Attack
03.Zatox - Tanz Elektric (hard mix)
04.Gerardo Roschini - The Drum Machine
05.A.Lusion Vs Nightkiller - Bring The News
06.ACL Team - Distortion
07.Teknoid - The Age of Darkness
08.A.Lusion - Perfect It
09.Kayem vs Dark Angel - KillaShot (tatanka vs zatox remix)
10.Psyman - Backbiter
11.Theme of Twilight Zone
12.Citizen - Members of Gay Day
13.Dutch Masters - Rock Beat
14.Philippe Rochard - Wazzaaaa!!
15.Showtek - The Colours of The Harder Style (DefQon1 Anthem)
16.Diz - Pussy Artwork (Zatox Remix)
17.Derb - Derbus (2006 Hard Attack remix)

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