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Hello everyone. This time I will give you some brand new tracks. Some of them from the time, when I was a small teenager, but in brand new remakes...
The whole set is running 130 bpm


Alex Os'kin & Michael Haase feat. Trox - Fly Fly (Club Mix)
La Roux - In For The Kill (Dean Coleman & Nima Nas Remix)
Paul Thomas & Myke Smith - Waterfall (Kim Fai Remix)
Pinball - Rocking To The Beat (alex davey remix)
Morgan Page - Fight For You (DJ Dan Remix)
Khafra DJ and Beatriz Sandoval - Deja (Jose Del Valle Remix)
David Guetta Feat. Akon - Sexy Bitch (Chuckie And Lil Jon Remix)
Soda Inc - Night Fever (G-Pal's Maybe Not Remix)
Enur - Calabria (Ralvero Remix)
Snap - Rhythm is A Dancer (U Can Feel it) (Moam Remix)
Babyman - Crazy Summer (Apartment 10 Remix)
John O'Callaghan feat. Sarah Howells - Find Yourself (Cosmic Gate Remix)
Agnes - I Need You Now (Ali Payami Mix)
B-Tech - I Have To Say Goodbye
Joyce Dennis - Vibed Up (In Your Eyes) (Extended Mix)
Scooter - Ti Sento (Lissat & Voltaxx vs. V.I.P. Room Club mix)

xodeus -
La Roux - In For The Kill (Dean Coleman & Nima Nas Remix)  :thumbsup2: