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Desudo @ LSDB Knockout Tournament Round 1


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The Mix i done for the LSDB Knock Out Tournament. Wildcard entry that didnt make tournament.

Rar. file from Rapidshare and one Rar. file from Mediafire.

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1 - Deepack & Frontliner Feat MC Lan - Phreakerz
2 - Noisecontrollers - Promises
3 - Toxik Waste - Rockstar (Brainkicker Remix)
4 - Julian DJ vs Bruno Power - Cops (Dj Activator Remix)
5 - Dark By Design - S.T.F.U
6 - Zany - Inflator

Krank-Im-Kopf -
6 Tracks in 29 min
I have 12 Tracks  =D
djdesudo -
Gearbox Owns The Night
I only had one day to throw the mix together  :cry:
greg4850 -
Fear.FM Resident DJ
On 13-10-2009 15:38:49, Krank-Im-Kopf wrote:

6 Tracks in 29 min
I have 12 Tracks  =D

i have 10 i think
djblacksun -
Fake Shit
On 13-10-2009 17:19:31, greg4850 wrote:


i have 10 i think

At set can be used 3-4 tracks but mixing can be so awesome  :)