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Nosferatu @ Overstuurd Back In Business


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Lengte: 01:22:34
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1. Nosferatu - Intimidation
2. Endymion - Abduction
3. Tommyknocker - Criminal
4. Hellsystem - Undercover
5. Meagashira & Endymion - Who I Am
6. Brennan Heart - Feel U Here (The Viper & G-Town Madness Remix)
7. Angerfist & DJ Vince - No Fucking Soul
8. DJ Mad Dog - Nasty
9. Amnesys - Catastrophes
10. Tha Playah & Nosferatu - Requiem Of The Fallen
11. Art of Fighters & Endymion - Let's Get It On
12. Nosferatu & DJ Mad Dog - Lack Of Existence
13. DJ Nosferatu - The Desolate One
14. Unknown - Punani (DJ D Remix)
15. Nitrogenetics - Inside Your Head
16. Endymion & Evil Activities - Vengeance
17. DJ Mad Dog - Welcome Down
18. Nosferatu - Bloodlust
19. DJ Mad Dog & Noize Suppressor - Fire
20. Art of Fighters - Artwork
21. Dione - Still Here Kicking Ass
22. E-Noid - Mixmaster
23. DaY-már - Guess What
24. ID (ID)

Weedy0104 -
The Comanator himself
On 16-11-2009 21:02:01, Johnny250 wrote:


On Sunday?  :W

then the day after when shops are open -..-
and for the people who come back from this event monday is the next day :P
Johnny250 -
The Evil Cult of Crossbreed
On 16-11-2009 21:23:01, Weedy0104 wrote:


then the day after when shops are open -..-
and for the people who come back from this event monday is the next day :P

Wo du recht hast, haste rehct  =D
Morango -
What is real?
On 16-11-2009 15:21:18, Weedy0104 wrote:


29.11 should it be released  ;)
first sell of the album will be walking the line event.
so the day after you should be able to buy it  :)

yep in the event 28.11.2009

maybe some specialized Hardcore record store will open specially at 23:59 @ 29-11-2009  :thumbsup:

On 14-11-2009 17:58:16, Jeroeenn wrote:

Is 21. Day-Mar - Sometimes niet Day-Mar - Guess What?

i know why he made that mistake... because i also search that music by the lyrics... and in the lyrics site had that confusing tittle  :D
muswam -
10. Tha Playah & Nosferatu - Sweet And Juicy
should be
10. Tha Playah & Nosferatu - Requiem Of The Fallen

It will be released with that name on the new Tha Playah Album
Jro_ -
alles begint bij Headhunterz
Not downloadable anymore due to copyrights.
Hansolo [Set Editor] -
new link added
Zieloneq -
Panzerschreck Ur Ass!
fresh zippy link added