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DJ Parra HF @ Set Special November


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Lengte: 01:06:35

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01-Proppy & Heady_-_The Summer Of Hardstyle
02-Gostosa_-_Never Say Never
03-Dj Stephanie_-_Black High Heels
04-Zany_-_Maximum Force (Nitrouz Down Under Mix)
05-Donkey Rollers_-_Followers
06-Hardstyle Masterz ft. Max Enforcer_-_Rambo is a pussy
08-Noisecontrollers_-_Surge of Power
09-Tatarola_-_Who is Calling (Zenith Dj Edit)
10-Ivan Carsten_-_You Try to Play me
11-Activator_-_Back In The Days
12-Dj Pipa_-_KramCity Anthem
13-Dj Parra HF_-_The Mash Up Vol.1
14-Zany meets The Beholder_-_The New God
15-Project Omeaga_-_Prednision Attack (Dj Promo Rmx)

Pithune -
Mass Vibrant
pc dj.
b14ckpr0j3ct -
Is dit een hit mix?
Hektor -
Zuigen, kreng!
Volgens mij moet die Promo remix niet bij Prednision Attack maar bij G-shock -Demons.  :')
SoundTrader -
▓\/▓ ▓\▓ ▓\/▓ ▓_
On 23-11-2009 15:50:23, Pithune wrote:

pc dj.

 :doh: isn't pc Dj, I saw him live mix  :yes:
AlvaroM -
A ver que tal ese protector de kram city!
greg4850 -
Fear.FM Resident DJ
15-Project Omeaga_-_Prednision Attack (Dj Promo Rmx)
16-G-Shock_-_Demons (Dj Promo Rmx)