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Shpongle @ Live In Concert At The Roundhouse In London 2008


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As an artist, it's always good to challenge yourself and the thought of translating all the complex layers in a shpongle album into a live show with a band gave me a panic attack and still does! Some songs we couldn't even find, as they were done on old computers that have long been obsolete, soaking up water under a leaky roof in my garage. Pretty early on I realized the secret would be to bring in musicians far better than ourselves and lots of them! Two weeks before the show the band had never even met each other, even though I had recorded some of them individually in my studio for previous Shpongle albums. Pixel Addicts took care of the lights, showing me complicated diagrams on their laptops which I pretended to understand, having no clue how it would actually look on the night. Meanwhile we all rehearsed in a darkened room, with no air or daylight, getting to know each other by smell alone and perhaps sound. Reams of manuscript paper littered the floor, everyone wore ear plugs, and all I could think was 'What the hell am I doing?A. It is a testament to their talent, hard work and skill that you are not holding a blank DVD in your hands right now. We didn't know if we would ever repeat the performance, so recorded it for posterity. Surely only an idiot would actually release their first ever gig though, right? We hope you like it, it was made with love, sweat and laughter...

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01. Ineffable Mysteries [10:21]
02. Beija Flor [6:05]
03. Dorset Perception [7:59]
04. Periscopes Of Consciousness [3:35]
05. I Am You [10:20]
06. Star Shpongled Banner [8:20]
07. My Head Feels Like A Frisbee [8:43]
08. When Shall I Be Free ? [8:03]
09. No Turn Unstoned [8:34]
10. Divine Moments Of Truth [11:22]
11. Interlude [1:57]
12. Nothing Is Something Worth Doing [7:44]
13. Once Upon The Sea Of Blissful Awareness [8:17]
14 Around The World In A Tea Daze [13:55]

wrongen -
awesome set love the videos online
Smetn_HS -
Rehab is for quitters.
Needs a new link,.. Xerxes?
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Everybody's favourite Belgian
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Needs a new link,.. Xerxes?

New link added  ;)
Smetn_HS -
Rehab is for quitters.
Smetn_HS -
Rehab is for quitters.
Spijtig dat de tracks apart staan  :(