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Nanotek @ Barcode Filthcast 019

Drum & Bass

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Thought-provoking and imaginative, yet as bruising and offensive as any other Filthcast, New Zealand dark lord Nanotek leads us through a realm of sinister territories.

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01. Gein - Hell (Nanotek Remix) (Habit Recordings)
02. Nanotek - Shock Treatment (Future Sickness)
03. SPL - Take Me Away (Barcode Recordings)
04. Nanotek - Behemoth (Tech Itch Recordings)
05. Ministry - N.W.O (XD Bootleg)
06. Counterstrike & Nanotek - Blackness (Counterstrike Recordings)
07. I:Gor - Icebreaker (Counterstrike Remix) (Nekrologik Recordings)
08. Current Value & Nanotek - Code of Chaos (Future Sickness)
09. Katharsys - Walkin Device (Barcode Recordings)
10. Current Value & Donny - Discovered (Barcode Recordings)
11. Nanotek - ???
12. Current Value - Battlefield (Barcode Recordings)
13. Nanotek - Zombie Rave

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