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Toneshifterz @ Invaders Station (Play It Hard)


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Dakpan -
No Hostages
On 02-01-2010 18:25:32, Nevio wrote:


you said 'die' in an english topic:$  :$  :$  :$  :$  :aww:

Oh noez.  :no:
Nevio -
 :p nah people speak more dutch than that i mean, but if that rule isn't followed that what is the point in it or the others
Jandeman -
Vette set, veel nc shit is altijd goed  :D
DJ_Sigma -
The records which they play are good till quite good, but for rating this set that's not the most important point. I think they're presenting themselves as very 'narrow' DJ's by only playing their own tracks, along with tracks from 'friends' of ther own label. It might be an agreement within this record label, and maybe even a part of their contract, but I personally think that beginning DJ's like they still are in fact, must have a broader vision of their style. And I personally have more respect for DJ's who can claim they have an own style, but play music from a wide variety of labels, countries and years of production...