Shoutbox: [04-12] pointlesspoint: Another, older dance performance about (hardcore) techno:

Dana @ DefQon.1 2004

Early Hardstyle

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Lengte: 00:56:24
Gestemd door: Opperhoofd OldschoolRaver s-y-x-s Damustrial The_real_overdoser AkiraDark95 Hansolo MattiX
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1. DJ Act Vs. DJ Mani - We Are The Bass
2. Tuneboy - Sexbusters (Technoboy Remix)
3. Overdrums - Information (Brain Ovulation Remix)
4. Tatarola - Who Is Calling?
5. Hexadrome - Shut the Fuck Up
6. Diego J Walker vs. Jimmy The Sound - Getaway! (Fusion Mix)
7. Zenith DJ - Now Madley With I Will Find You
8. The Prodigy - Firestarter (Punk Brozz Remix)
9. Jim Noizer - The Music Play
10. Rim Shotters ft. DJ Vortex - Rock This Party (DJ Vortex Remix)
11. DJ Isaac - Backstage
12. DJ Zany - House Musik
13. DJ Greg C - 10 Torsion (Ruthless & Vorwerk Remix)

OldschoolRaver -
you gives the queen of hardstyle a rating -1  :cry:  :cry:  :thumbsdown:
Why did you do this
Dana is the best
+1 from me
Dj_Mani -
ahhhhh it was so great hearing my track together with Acti @ defqon mainstage. Words cannot describe it..
dragonic -
a reupload of this very nice music would be so amazing  :D
Hansolo [Set Editor] -
On 13-04-2013 12:57:56, dragonic wrote:
a reupload of this very nice music would be so amazing  :D

AkiraDark95 did it  ;) Nice mix!