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Hardnoize @ Mix

Hardcore   Industrial Hardcore   Early Hardcore

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ik heb weer eens een nieuwe mix gemaakt
met redelijk wat verschillende stijlen(zoals je aan de tracklist kan zien)drum&bass,hardcore,early hardcore,industrial hardcore,breakcore en old school hiphop.

Gestemd door: hardnoize


1 Astro & Physics- Movement 1(Overcast Remix)
2 Overcast- Grief
3 Unusual Incident- Steroids
4 Pilldriver- Pitch-Hiker
5 Paul Blackout- Legions Of The Dead
6 Synapse- D.M.T.
7 Tieum & Lenny Dee- I Don’t Like You Either
8 IEmperor- Password: Scrotum
9 Nasenbluten- Lurid
10 Chosen Few- Name Of The DJ(The Speedfreak Remix)
11 I:Gor- Crowd Rocker(The Spandex Remix By Bryan Fury)
12 Fear Factory- T-1000(DJ Dano Remix)
13 Sons Of Aliens- So F…ing What!
14 DJ Jordens Vs. Flamman & Abraxas- Sarin
15 Overcast- Problem Solver
16 Tripax-Rumble Fuckers
17 Rude Ass Tinker- Silk Ties
18 Overcast- Raining Brains
19 FFF- Batty Bwoy
20 Hellfish- Turntable Savage
21 Maniak- Yeah Bitch
22 Temper Tantrum- I Get The Coke
23 Hellfish- Serious-Evil-Shit-mission-3
24 The Outside Agency- The Kid With The Golden Axe
25 Overcast- Dermatitis
26 The DJ Producer- B Boy Brutality
27 Xylocaine- Dooms
28 Stickhead & Don Demon- Demonhead
29 LL Cool J- Mama Said Knock You Out
30 Paul Blackout- Sui-sonic
31 DJ 8 Mix- Hardiness
32 Max Death- A Bit Cloudy
33 Nasenbluten- Fuck S.F.
34 Traffik- Trip To Hell
Katy Perry- I Kissed A Girl(Acapella)
35 Nasenbluten- Punks Jump Up To Get Beat Down
36 Overcast- I Will Attack
37 Paris- The Devil Made Me Do It
38 Nasenbluten- Fuck The Politics
39 SRB- Not So Smooth
40 Hardcore Parasite- Sweet Dreamz
41 Embolism- B Grade