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A-Drive @ Style for the hardest #2 - August 2008


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Gestemd door: Odyssee Biloute71 maaj [deleted user] Vogelhuisje Opperhoofd SuciF3R [deleted user] MattiX Abrikozenjam SDK loser


1. Brian NRG - Live Forever (Intro Mix)
2. Frontliner -Spacer
3. Bruno Power meets Dark Oscillators -The Box
4. Dozer -The Church Of The Darkside
5. Brennan Heart - Homeless
6. A-Drive -Fine Day
7. Vortex & Acesone -Speakerwall (Dutch Spice Mix)
8. Noisecontrollers -Venom
9. Brennan Heart -Memento
10. Ran-D -Fade To Grey
11. Scope DJ -Rock Hypnotic
12. Technoboy -Rage
13. Tat & Zat -Scary Track
14. SMD -Helemaal Kapot

Biloute71 -
Really nice set !
maaj -
very good  :thumbsup2:
Odyssee -
nah  :thumbsdown:
Vogelhuisje [Moderator] -
Haat aan vocals
Bleh.. 2,3,4,11 zijn wel lekker though
RJBanthum -
On 15-08-2008 21:10:02, Vogelhuisje wrote:

Bleh.. 2,3,4,11 zijn wel lekker though

Cheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeese bomb!!!!  :X  :thumbsdown: