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Nino Pipito @ Extravadance

Early Hardstyle   Hardtrance

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Bestandstype: 128 kbit MP3
Lengte: 00:59:44

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Thanks to southsideutd!

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01. DJ Sixunder - Enjoy With The Hardstyle
02. Titanic Bros - Respect
03. Hardliner - Fresh Beats (Dj Vortex vs. Mark Nails Mix)
04. Activator mts.DJ J. Slipknot - X-terminate
05. ID
06. Activator mts. DJ J. Slipknot - Let me come again
07. DJ Sixunder - Unity (Web Remix)
08. DJ Mill And Manuel T Meets Dany T - Blackout
09. 4 Navigators - Reiki (Arpas Dream Mix)
10. Knockout - Heaven
11. ID
12. Tommy Pulse - Machine Man

Crysonic -
Never thought this one would be found, thanks a lot southsideutd  :thumbsup2:
Nemrah -
King Of Core
great !
timfer -
Anyone know: 05. ID
On 02-04-2010 00:02:29, Crysonic wrote:

Never thought this one would be found, thanks a lot southsideutd  :thumbsup2:

ahhh yes you were looking this set not so long ago  :) if theres a liveset online its sure to be here or atleast on the way  :p
DJ_Sigma -
This guy makes house/ minimal now, right? I recognise his name at least, from Beatport.
southsideutd -
Yeah, great set from back in the days  =D

Nr 4  :bomb: