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Louk @ Atmosphere


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45 Minute set I played for Atmosphere at the Grove in Seaton in October 2007. This is full of some of my favourite dark and hard tunes and was at a time just after I made the likes of Pill Abuse and Shadow Of The Beast and I had just put on the first Compulzion party. You can hear the dark influence starting to kick in quite serverely in this set.

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01. A.S.Y.S - Lost In Acid (Jowan Mix) [FE]
02. Shinobi - Club Massacre [FE]
03. Icebreaker - Frozen [Planet Traxx]
04. Sa.vee.oh - Global Anthem [Mazeman]
05. Marc La Cruz - Krieg Gegen Die Maschinen (Baced! Mix) [Chaos]
06. B-Tronixx - Feel Y Mind (Mass In Orbit Mix) [Fakten]
07. Slideout - Face Off (Remix) [CD-R]
08. Andrea Montorsi - Don't Leave Me (Wragg Re-Edit) [Red Alert]
09. The Beholder - Beating Of The Drumz [Seismic]
10. Evanti - What A Rush [Straight On Black]
11. NKBJ - Straight To Heaven (Heaven's Gate Mix) [Limited Edition]

ernestoow -
brilliant tracklist mate!  :thumbsup2:
OldschoolRaver -
Track at 16minute so awesome darkly greaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaatttttt  :thumbsup2:

love it  :worship:  :worship:
Marc La Cruz - Krieg Gegen Die Maschinen (Baced! Mix) [Chaos]  (L)  (L)
Somewhere deep in Asia
gilotine...  :6:
theis -
05. Marc La Cruz - Krieg Gegen Die Maschinen (Baced! Mix) [Chaos]  (L)
steviedoyle [Set Editor] -
Life begins at 140
great set louk, and an amazing build up of tracks  :worship:
ANGEL150 -
 :yay:  :yay:  :yay:
Somewhere deep in Asia
god damn this set is AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

 (L)  (L)  (L)  :yay:  :yay:  :yay:  :worship:  :worship:  :worship:
 _O-  xD  xD  xD

 :bye:  :bye:  :bye: LALA LAND!!!!!