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Alphaverb @ AVIO Podcast 4


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This is the 4th Episode of AVIO Podcast mixed by Alphaverb.
I have recently started producing in a new sequencer (Cubase 5), which will take a while to get familiar with.
So unfortunately there are no new productions in there this time.

Next month (on the 30th of May) we have Intractable One doing a Dj-set for the AVIO Podcast!

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1. Alphaverb - Still Here (Gentalica's InQontrol Edit)
2. The Pitcher - Start Rockin' (Cenoginerz Remix)
3. Project One - Rate Reducer
4. Arome - Hands Up! (DJ Scot Project Remix)
5. Zatox & The Prophet - Prozaxxx
6. Bazzleggerz - No Alternative
7. Brennan Heart - Audiometric (M.!.D.!.F.Y)
8. The Raiders - A Feeling (Citizen ‘Running' Edit)
9. Alphaverb - B-Leaf
10. Ran-D - Fanatics
11. Zatox - Ear Fucking
12. VA - Cocaine Fother Muckers (Jack of Sound Mashup)
13. The Beholder & Max Enforcer - Got To Be There
14. The Machine - Lady Of The Lake
15. Ivan Carsten - You Try To Play Me
16. Tat & Zat - Proud To Be Loud
17. Donkey Rollers - Hardstyle Rockers
18. VA - Derb Ya Mind (Alpha's Mashup)

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Ivan Carsten – You Try To Play Me  :L
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08. The Raiders – A Feeling (Citizen ‘Running’ Edit)]

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