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The DJ Producer b2b Scorpio @ Helter Skelter - Void Club Tour

UK Hardcore   Early Terror

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Lengte: 01:29:12

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2 Sides (second part missing)

Gestemd door: hardcorerepublic BradWinter
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thisis9 -
mediafire link was uploaded Uploaded 07/08/2009

but date is 29-04-2010

BradWinter -
Any chance of a download link for part 2 please?  :) Awesome set!
Bedlam -
Click on the link below, and then paste in the soundcloud link below that and you will have the full set in one.
Gewijzigd door Bedlam op 23-08-2015 13:50
BradWinter -
Do you use that site yourself? I ask as I used to use a couple and my laptop ended up fucked.
Bedlam -
I downloaded it via anything2mp3 and my PC did not blow up or anything else. Have now uploaded it for you as a Zippy file.