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Pulshar @ Galaktika Records Podcast 083

Dubstep   Ambient

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From Santander and based in Barcelona, dub electronic duo Pulshar. Presenting their latest mixed session filled with dub, ambient tracks.

Pulshar is a band formed by Pablo Bolivar, renowned electronic composer with an extensive discography, and Sergio Aphro, graphic designer, “loop digger” and ex-vocalist of the dub and reggae bands Better Collie and Loud and Lone. Both have been working in the studio for half of this year to bring us the music from the deepest of their passionate minds. “Babylon Fall Collection” is a collection of 5 astonishing tracks that combines deep soul and old classy dub with some space-tech elements. Pulshar is modern dub music with a hidden touch of Detroit music clearly connected to the actual dubstep scene.


TM Juke - Just for a day
Steve Spacek - Im glad you are here
Flying Lotus - Tea Leaf Dancer
Ed Scogillera - Compression
Nightmares on Wax - Hear in color
Disrupt - The Stars are my destination
Emo vs Boozo Bajou - Cant take no more
Jambassa - Them never know
Pulshar - Bullets
Sa-ra - Bitch
Percy X - Blood Sugar (A.Weatherall mix)
Boxcutter - Foxy
Fenin - A try feat. Gorbi
Pulshar - Golden Brown
Lulu Rouge - Thinking of you
Mikkel Metal - Dromos