Shoutbox: [18:19] ProPodziemie: I listened to DJ AniMe and Miss K8 for the first time and I'm impressed. The most amazing thing is that women are able to create such a good hard!  :o

Traxtorm Gangstaz Allied @ Defqon.1 2010 Black


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1. DJ Mad Dog - So What About The...?
2. DJ Mad Dog - Nasty
3. Endymion - Payback (D-Passion Remix)
4. Art of Fighters - Rock On
5. Noize Suppressor - Nobody Likes
6. Angerfist - Take U Back (DJ Damage Remix)
7. Korsakoff & The Viper - Re-Bottled
8. Nitrogenetics - Pledge Of Resistance
9. Tha Playah - The Rule Of Cool (Art of Fighters Remix)
10. Alien T - Bullets In Their Heads
11. Tommyknocker - In The Shadow
12. Tha Playah - Fuck The Titties (The Viper & Tommyknocker Remix)
13. Amnesys - Worldwide Crisis
14. ID (Ellende - Hardcore Junky / Raveworld / King Of Pain Mashup)
15. Art of Fighters & Endymion - Let's Get it On
16. Tommyknocker ft. Ian K - Scream
17. Meccano Twins & DJ Mad Dog - Meccane
18. Angerfist - Bite Yo Style
19. Amnesys - Ctrl D Future
20. Negative A - B-Positive

Qane -
Music's the shorthand of emotion
Hey deze set heb ik grootendeels nog meegemaakt per toeval, was echt kicke man @ the black open air  :yay: