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X-Pander @ Gearbox RHR French Night #01

Gestemd door: Crysonic djdesudo Noiser69 NaeosPsy sharez loser X-Pander rakiru chemicaldj baryshx Piet-R76 Nois3controll3r


01 Bk & t-mothy – Divine Ideas Define Music
02 WickedNess ft. X-Pander – Your Mind
03 D-Mind – Confusion
04 X-Pander – Be Relaxed
05 X-Pander & The Addicktion – The Sea
06 Toneshifterz – Elektro Shock
07 X-Pander – The Unexplained
08 X-Pander – What’s Up (Burn Soldier Remix)
09 X-Pander – Alone In Skizophrenia
10 The Addicktion – Whithout A Word
11 X-Pander – The Demons
12 X-Pander – Timeless
13 Toxik Waste – Leviathan

Noiser69 -
where is jackspa raw? XD  :kiss:
13 Toxik Waste – Leviathan  :worship:
NaeosPsy -
Sure, the tracks are nice, but i waited something better.  :W
Crysonic -
Some real nice productions in this set!!
loser -
Love your tracks  :bomb:
X-Pander -
On 23-07-2010 21:12:25, NaeosPsy wrote:

Sure, the tracks are nice, but i waited something better.  :W

Sorry man, but I would make an original set with my productions.
When you organize a special night French, I find "logic" that I prefer to mix my tracks, and French tracks rather than going mix of dbstf, nc,etc..

Thanks a lot RHR and Desudo for the invitation  :)
noiseshock -
still one of my favs <3