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Dutch Master @ Dance Valley 2010


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01. Dance Valley 2010 DMW stage Dutch Master intro
02. Dutch Master - Fly Like A Godd
03. Gostosa - Sutra
04. Tatanka - Tokyo
05. Dutch Master - What Goes Around
06. Killer Clown - Silentium
07. Toneshifterz - Let it Go
08. Dutch Master - Now Is The Time
09. D-Block & S-Te-Fan - Music Made Addict
10. Dutch Master - Million Miles Away
11. Nitrouz - Hardstyle Defines You
12. Headhunterz - Psychedelic
13. Brennan Heart - Just as easy
14. Dutch Master - Recalled to Life

Duruz -
ook traktor dj?
ZeroGravity -
The Heretic
Dutch Master - Million Miles Away?
Theekop -
Woef woef Pluto
Damn, this weak hardstyle...
sinenV -
I actually like this, a lot. i never really listened to Dutch Master, and this is pretty good  :D
But, I'm only an american at a .eu site, so i doubt anyone would like my green rating  :')
Gewijzigd door sinenV op 11-08-2010 04:10
zeb -
14. Dutch Master - Recalled to Life  :thumbsup:

rest  :thumbsdown:
sinenV -
On 11-08-2010 04:40:16, zeb wrote:

14. Dutch Master - Recalled to Life  :thumbsup:

rest  :thumbsdown:

dammit boi you crazy  =D
jk, to each their own  :thumbsup:
Nitrogen -
It's no problem for me
voneichbosz -
tokyo  :thumbsup2:

de rest  :thumbsdown:
joestoe111 -
Best lekker!
ThaMaster -
Baas in alle opzichten.
On 11-08-2010 00:15:36, ZeroGravity wrote:

Dutch Master - Million Miles Away?

laat maar zwakke kick btw.
Gewijzigd door ThaMaster op 11-08-2010 11:48
Onga -
aka G-Dub aka Garieee
This is like pop music
PhresiF -
Waarom nou weer zo'n tracklist  :yawn:
spew-mit -
recalled to life is the bolloks  :thumbsup2: