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Burn Soldier @ Headquarters


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Just wanna Bang my head with loud basses !  ;) Enjoy Friends !

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01. The Toneshifterz - Drop It
02. Activator And Francesco Zeta - Fuoco E Fiamme
03. The Killers - Human (Deepack Hardstyle Bootleg)
04. Vamper - Universe
05. Burn Soldier - Hunt Of Splitterz
06. Ran-D And Adaro - Struggle For Existence
07. Chain Reaction - Out With a Bang
08. Sasha F - Hardstyle Matters
09. The R3bels - Straight To Da Beat
10. Burn Soldier - Judgement
11. Noisecontrollers - Yellow Minute (Alpha²remix)
12. Max Enforcer - Gold (Bioweapon Remix)
13. Zatox feat. Nikkita - Raw Style
14. Burn Soldier - My Game

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I know  :p but i didn't know how to explain in English  :p

then u should pm  ;) in a pm u can talk what ever language u want  :beer: but not here:p
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On 14-08-2010 16:24:30, loser wrote:

Please no more Ran-D And Adaro - Struggle For Existence  :X  :X

Are You Crazy !!  :clown:
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Are You Crazy !!  :clown:

Yes I am!
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i love LSDB
bombbbbbb  ^.^ Burn Soldier  :worship:
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On 14-08-2010 17:33:50, ZeroGravity wrote:


Are You Crazy !!  :clown:

On 14-08-2010 17:39:33, ThaMaster wrote:


Yes I am!

Shut your fucking mouth!
Biatch!  :hungry:
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mouhahahaha  =D