Shoutbox: [00:19] ProPodziemie: But ok, I will show a minimum of interest.  xD It's boring, weak, poor arrangement, unless 100 percent this someone created it on some synthesizer without ready presets, then it would be... with some small potential, small, but significant. My rating 3/10  =]

Geck-o @ AVIO Podcast 8


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This is a monthly podcast, that will be 'on air' every last sunday of the month. The main idea is to show you what our music is about, but we also want to take some oldies out of the dust  :)

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1. Geck-o - Don't You Lose It (Intro version)
2. Walt - What You Get
3. Intractable One - Feel The Force (Alphaverb Remix)
4. Ironblood - Ultravox (Zatox Mix)
5. DJ Thera - A Little Touch (Geck-o Oldskool Remix)
6. Tuneboy - Tunebeat / 2 Best Enemies - Unity (Mashup)
7. DJ Theo & Louis Brain - Trashin' Madness (Julian DJ & Davide Sonar Remix)
8. Die Antwoord - Zef Side / Coca - Extreme Voice (Mashup)
9. Geck-o - Forces Of The Universe
10. Jones & B-Front - Lunatick (Raw Mix)
11. Public Domain - Automatic Audio Overload (The Machine Remix)
12. Geck-o & Phrantic - The Hard Way
13. Psycho Brothers - Rock This Place (DJ Activator Remix)
14. Noisecontrollers - Macabre 2010
15. Geck-o vs Thera - Trespassing

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3x nix  :thumbsdown:
Maximumraver [Set Editor] -
aka Sloperij Janssen
Echt wel + dus, fijne set.

09. Geck-o – Forces Of The Universe

Vet, die Mass Effect 2 voices  :)
Sc0tTy -
gvd wat een heerlijk setje weer  :D