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Ophidian @ Speedrazor

Industrial Hardcore   Hardcore

Toegevoegd door: Odyssee @
Laatst gewijzigd door: Hansolo @

Bestandstype: MP3
Lengte: 00:52:46
Gestemd door: Odyssee Legolas Meistro [deleted user] djblacksun Enzyme Hansolo The_Sociopath nicohc Sarge pointzero hardstyl3MF Dilvo mudkipz
Favoriet van: Hansolo

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1. Meander - 813 Mixdown
2. Ophidian - Mantaray
3. Ophidian - Nurse
4. D-Passion - Blacklist Amok
5. Rude Awakening - Rude Awakening
6. Mindustries - Throes of Rejection
7. Meagashira - Through Inner Core
8. Ophidian - Black
9. Ophidian - Butterfly VIP
10. Nosferatu - NZMDFC #1
11. Ophidian - Crime Passionelle
12. DJ D ft. Hellsystem - Step On Stage
13. Evil Activities ft.DJ Neophyte - To You Who Doubt Me
14. Endymion - Rock the Part-E
15. Enzyme X - Traces Of Insanity
16. Ophidian - Strychnine
17. Enzyme X - Thou Shalt Consume Thyself
18. Ophidian - The Middle Children

kwaibegai -
01.Knightvision VS D Spyre - Punishment Beyond Death
02.D-Passion - Blacklist amok
04.Meagashira - Through Inner Core
06.Ophidian - Butterfly VIP
08.?(nice track with nice kick)
09.Dj d feat. hellsystem - step on stage
10.Evil Activities Feat.Dj Neophyte - To You Who Doubt Me
11.Endymion - Rock The Part-E
12.industrial track
13 an faster track
14.Ophidian - The middle children
Jatoch -
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Revolting_Against [Set Editor] -
Be My Mind
01.Meander - 813 Mixdown
02.Ophidian - Mantaray
03.Ophidian - Nurse
04.D-Passion - Blacklist Amok
05.Rude Awakening - Rude Awakening
06.Mindustries - Throes of Rejection
07.Meagashira - Through Innercore
08.Ophidian - Black
09.Ophidian - Butterfly VIP
10.Nosferatu - NZMDFC #1
11.Ophidian - Crime Passionelle
12.Dj D ft. Hellsystem - Step on Stage
13.Evil Activities ft.Dj Neophyte - To You Who Doubt Me
14.Endymion - Rock The Part-E
15.Enzyme X - Traces of Insanity
16.Ophidian - Strychnine
17.Enzyme X - Thou Shalt Consume Thyself
18.Ophidian - The Middle Children

Mag ik de volgende keer aanraden dat als mensen niet thuis zijn in het genre dan gewoon geen tracklist maken, want dit was echt een zooitje  :-/
Enzyme -
More Than Decade Past
en de set is trouwens geen 48mb groot maar 72 MB :-)
+ de datum is eigenlijk 15-04-2005 maar niet 15-03-2005
ThaClown -
In theory everything is straight
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Hansolo [Set Editor] -
pointzero -
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